Spinel Investment Company, LLC (“Spinel”) is a private investment firm that specializes in making investments
in, growing and improving dedicated suppliers and distributors that perform value-added functions for blue
chip entities (“System Companies”), a niche market that requires a unique skill set to properly source, execute
and manage opportunities.

Spinel is an ideal partner for System Companies and their blue chip counterparts because of its proven
System Company expertise, entrepreneurial approach and ownership mentality.  

Spinel focuses on partnering with System Companies where it can provide strategic value beyond capital.  

Spinel is minority owned with offices in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida.
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“We always invest our personal
capital alongside our management
and investment partners, share in the
risks of ownership, and make our
money just as they do – through
building sustainable business value
over time.”
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Entrepreneurial capital with an ownership mentality